Do You Have a Verifiable Audit Trail for Your Documents and Files?

You pride yourself on your organisational skills.  Each month, or perhaps even at the end of each week, you diligently file away your important business documents.  You may even have a meticulously labeled filing cabinet system to help keep you organised.  Kudos – you’re a step ahead of most of your industry colleagues and competitors! Unfortunately, storage is only one piece – albeit an important piece – of records management. …

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Understanding Document Scanning Best Practices

In addition to the headaches that come with storing, locating and retrieving files for your business, you’re probably also tired of pushing copious amounts of paper.  And running documents through a scanner seems easy enough, right?  Not so fast!  Purchasing a scanner to help your business go paperless may not necessarily make life easier for you or your colleagues. The successful conversion of paper files to an electronic format is…

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