ADDS awarded Privacy + Certificate

ADDS is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Privacy + Certificate. The Privacy Plus award is for the safeguarding of client information contained in paper and electronic records.

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Choosing the Right Offsite Storage Vendor

Space is a premium business commodity these days… with a hefty price tag to boot! Considering your files account for a large portion of your office footprint, it makes sense to seek out a more cost-effective option. The good news is there’s certainly not a shortage of options available. Simply plug the term “storage” into any search engine and you’ll end up with a plethora of affordable alternatives from which…

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The Data Protection Act and Its Impact on your Business

1998 may seem like eons ago, but – as the year the Data Protection Act was enacted – its impact is still felt among UK’s business community. If your organisation handles or processes any data related to a living and identifiable individual, then you have an obligation to protect that information under this legislation. This applies to all matter of information (including both paper files and electronic documents) and may…

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Scanning Solutions That Allow you to Keep Pace with Today’s Business World

In today’s fast paced business environment, it’s critical to have quick access to your most critical business information.  Scanning files to an electronic format allows for instantaneous utilisation of records from any location during any time of day. Not only does this enhance your remote working capabilities, but it also helps strengthen your disaster recovery ability. London’s longtime, trusted scanning resource Since 1997, ADDS has provided London’s business community with…

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