Beyond Obligation: How Information and Records Management Can Help Your Bottom Line

Your business information is one of your most valuable resources, yet can be a challenge to manage — especially when you have budget constraints. However, in order to meet compliance requirements and ensure seamless workflow, it’s important to have the right records management processes in place. Ironically, internal methods for organising, storing and accessing information end up being extremely costly due to a number of factors including: lack of proper…

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Reasons for Document Scanning

Organizing, storing, and retrieving your business documents can be one big headache. It’s not called “paperwork” for nothing. But managing your records doesn’t have to be a job within a job. Luckily, there’s a solution that enables you to convert your paper files to a digital format and securely store them in a secure, easily accessible, centralised database. Document scanning gives you better control over your information, helps you to…

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How to Properly Manage and Protect your Legal Firm’s Digital and Hard Copy Information

As a legal professional, you need to maintain the confidentiality of your clients’ information. And you also have a responsibility to safeguard the key business information of your own practice. Yet, your sensitive data is constantly at risk due to the following factors: insecure storage inadequate organisation and tracking improper protection Managing information within the legal sector is especially challenging given the volume and variety of records and data integral…

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