The 10 Steps for Electronic Document Conversion

Wish you could wave a magic wand over your paper records and — HEY PRESTO! — instantaneous electronic documents?  If only it were that easy. A document scanning project involves numerous detailed and time-consuming steps: 1.  Locating and retrieving original documents 2.  Sorting and separating files 3.  Document preparation:  removing staples, paper clips, sticky notes 4.  Application of barcode separator sheets 5.  Scanning and capture of images 6.  Indexing scanned…

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Steps for Archiving Your Inactive Business Records

There’s a good chance that you have a collection of inactive business records scattered throughout your office — stuffed in filing cabinets, tucked away in drawers, or banished to a basement or attic. Since you rarely need these documents, it’s easy to forget about them. However, by properly archiving your inactive files and documents, your business can achieve the following benefits: compliance overhead cost reductions enhanced privacy security improved disaster…

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Implementing a Records Retention Programme for Your Business

Every successful business must have a records retention programme. Not only is it a legal and often regulatory obligation but doing so also helps facilitate more streamlined business operations. The cost associated with storing and managing records internally represents significant overhead expenditure for most organisations. Also, because records retention lies outside the core competency of a great many companies, substandard methods for maintaining and preserving documents can result in the following:…

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Determining Which Business Records to Scan

Despite the adage, ‘prevention is better than cure’, as reactive creatures, we tend to wait until a problem gets out of control before looking for a solution. Currently, many companies find themselves in a situation where they are struggling to stay afloat amongst a sea of paper records. Managing, storing and searching for paper documents can have a widespread negative impact on the following business areas: operational and administrative processes…

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