Streamlining Your Firm’s File Storage and Retrieval Process

The issues associated with in-house records storage Within the legal sector, several issues contribute to the complexity of file storage and retrieval. First, the physical space necessary for storing legal records is costly. The offices of solicitors and barristers typically occupy expensive real estate. Since most firms tend to be paper-intensive, a significant portion of costly rented office space is allocated for the storage of hardcopy documents, which not only…

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Maintaining Client Confidentiality During the Retention Life Cycle

From financial institutions to law firms to small businesses, any organisation has a responsibility to protect the client data it maintains. Client files can contain a variety of confidential information including: personal addresses and details copies of government issued identification and documents bank account information credit card data Given the sensitive nature of this information it’s no wonder that businesses have become prime targets for identity theft. Document retention poses…

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