How Much Is Data Loss Costing Your Business?

Data loss affects companies worldwide, yet has a particularly noticeable impact on UK businesses. According to EMC’s recent Global IT Trust Curve survey, in the UK, the average financial loss from security breaches over the past year represents £705349—compared to £523966 globally. This statistic alone should provide enough motivation for you to put measures in place to protect your business data. A number of factors can contribute to data loss…

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Tape Backup Continues to Be an Effective Method for Protecting Business Data

Cloud storage has been a godsend for many businesses, offering convenient backup and recovery solutions for corporate data. For a relatively low entry cost, an organisation can enhance its disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities without costly IT hardware and administrative expenses. The flexibility of cloud backup also allows for scalable data protection adaptable to changing business needs. Yet, while cloud storage offers an easy, scalable, low-maintenance backup method, recovering…

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How and When Do You Shred Your Confidential Documents?

Many organisations simply don’t dispose of sensitive information often enough or in the right manner. Each year, countless hours are spent feeding documents through shredding machines. And even so, confidential paperwork may not be destroyed beyond recognition. Corporate waste bins and dumpsters still become repositories for all types of personal and private data. The consequences of improperly disposing of sensitive information are immense. Failure to comply with Data Protection Act…

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How Long is it Taking to Locate and Retrieve Your Records?

A deadline is approaching, but the file you need to complete your project is nowhere to be found. You search frantically through your filing cabinet collection to no avail. A search through boxes that are stowed away in a storage room yields no results. Panic starts to settle in as you realise you have no clue where your document may be. This scenario commonly plays itself out in offices throughout…

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Managing your Firm’s Record Retention and Disposal

A document retention and disposal policy protects your firm from litigation. Law firms, in particular, operate under a strict obligation to preserve and protect the solicitor-client relationship. As a result, it is important to have solutions and procedures in place that maintain the confidentiality of information throughout the length of service to your client. A document retention and disposal policy protects your firm from unnecessary litigation while also improving the…

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