How You May be Putting Your Backup Data at Risk and What You Can Do About It

Trust is hard-earned, which is why so many business owners are leery of transferring their backup data to an entity outside of their organisation. Given the number of data breaches in the UK last year—according to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the third quarter of 2013 saw a 25% increase in breaches from the first quarter—many may resort to in-house solutions for protecting backup data. But in-house practices may actually…

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Are You Hoarding Your Business Records? Take Heed: Disposal Is Just as Important as Retention

You have files and documents that are several years old packed away in boxes that are tucked away in various corners of your office. They’re certainly not doing any harm and have been sitting idly for years. “What’s the big deal?” you ask. It would take hours to go through them and figure out what to get rid of anyway. While you haven’t yet been featured on Britain’s Biggest Hoarders,…

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