Three Ways Records Management Can Help your Business Profitability this Year and Beyond

With 2014 passing quickly, you may be looking for ways for your business to be more profitable. Luckily, it doesn’t take a complex scheme to increase your bottom line. As with so many things, small simple solutions can make a big impact. How you handle your business documents and files is a prime example. In this blog, we’ve outlined three records management solutions that can help you reduce costs and…

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What to Look for in a Commercial Records Storage Centre

You may consider turning to a self storage facility to address the problem of having too many files and not enough office space. Yet doing so may come back to haunt you. Prone to mold, mildew and pest contamination, self storage units lack the proper systems for protecting sensitive documents. Hazardous and/or flammable material may be stored in the unit next to yours. And confidential files need more than a…

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