How Document Scanning Helps Automate Your Paper-Based Business Processes

“Work smarter, not harder,” is an adage most would like to apply to their business, although most organisations perpetually struggle to ever move beyond inefficient, manual processes. Paper-based offices are a prime example of how overreliance on hardcopy documents minimises administrative effectiveness, increases storage costs, and can even lead to greater privacy breach risks. On the other hand, companies that incorporate electronic documents are able to easily locate and share…

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Vital Records Protection: Key to Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Is your business equipped to handle a catastrophic event? When preparing for a possible catastrophe, backing up your electronic data is a good place to start. Next, it’s important to make sure that your backup media is rotated often enough to ensure that you’ve preserved the most recent critical data. Finally, all data should be stored offsite in a media vault facility to ensure long-term preservation and protection. But all…

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