Scan on Demand: An Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution for Your Business

You know what a headache it can be locating your files. Whether it’s scouring through file cabinets or digging through boxes, every minute spent searching for the information you need is a minute of wasted productivity. Fortunately, technology has made it possible for more efficient document management. Document scanning offers numerous benefits: freeing up of office space accessing of documents electronically enhanced search capabilities faster sharing of records But before…

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Three More Benefits of Off-Site Record Storage

It’s a routine workday and you go about it as normal, albeit with an increasing sense of claustrophobia. A quick scan of your office reveals that there are boxes filled with files stuffed into every available corner. Stacks of paperwork sit on your coworkers’ desks and filing cabinets are filled to the gills with documents. The time has arrived for a document storage solution. Moving your business records off-site to…

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