3 Important Things to Remember About Data Security

Maintaining constant data security for your company is a necessity, and given the rash of data breach incidents worldwide it can seem like a never-ending battle. The leaders of many organisations are on pins and needles wondering if they’re going to be the next victim. Thwarting an outside criminal threat is only part of the solution Many experts compare data security to a cat-and-mouse game with criminals gaining the upper…

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When It Comes to Backup, Physical Security Is Critical

You back up your mission-critical data, and as a result, you rest easily at night, right? Not so fast. Simply backing up your data isn’t enough. The media to which you’ve transferred your data, whether tape or portable hard drive, also needs to be protected from a number of threats. Proper data protection matters What happens after your backup is completed? Do you regularly take backup media home with you?…

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Tips for Implementing the Right Destruction Solution for Your Business

Because identity theft and corporate fraud are on the rise across also the UK, organisations in England are increasingly forced to look at their privacy protection practices. But even with increased awareness and training, otherwise preventable breaches keep occurring, resulting in financial, legal and emotional damage to those affected. Ensuring that the personal data your company uses and maintains doesn’t fall into the wrong hands means choosing a strong and…

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