Goals to Shoot for in a Document Scanning Solution

Before going forward with a document scanning solution, there are several things to consider. Converting a file to a digital image isn’t the only goal to shoot for, since ending up with a collection of thousands of electronic documents without the functionality to properly utilise them defeats the purpose of scanning them in the first place. In this article, we’ve outlined other important factors to consider prior to implementing a…

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Make the Most of Your Office Space

The environment in which you work matters: Your office has an immense effect on the productivity and morale of you and your staff. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly the problem exists within your office space. After reconfiguring workstations and trying new color schemes, you’re still left with a nagging feeling that something isn’t right. Before you hire a Feng Shui consultant, try these simple steps to make the…

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Reducing Your Paper File Management Costs

Do you find yourself struggling to handle your organisation’s information growth? Paper file management can hold your business back from real productivity and profit. In this article, we discuss ways to turn file management from a liability to an asset for your company. Storage reassessed Paper file management cost and capability is linked to how and where your business records are stored. As office space lease rates continue to rise,…

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What is Data Protection?

The term “data protection” encompasses a number of practices necessary for safeguarding the privacy of your business information. However, as a broad term, it may also be broadly interpreted. In fact, in many cases, the Data Protection Act of 1998 itself has been misunderstood and misapplied. In attempt to clear up any confusion you may have, we will highlight key aspects of data protection and offer tips for ensuring that…

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Reducing Paper Dependence in the Upcoming Year

Overfilled filing cabinets, random boxes of business documents, and frequently misplaced customer files are all symptoms of a business struggling to keep up with its paper documents. Sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone; even in the Digital Age, many organisations struggle to keep up with hardcopy records. Here, in our final blog post of 2014, we offer helpful tips for reducing your paper dependence in 2015 and beyond.…

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