Cyber Liability Insurance: What It Is and How to Keep Your Costs Low

With numerous high profile privacy breaches gaining widespread attention, you may have increasingly heard about cyber liability insurance, but not quite understood how it works or what it offers. Cyber liability insurance provides coverage specifically for electronic business data, which is not typically covered under most standard business insurance policies. A cyber liability policy is most often used to cover things like: Spreading of viruses or malicious code Data loss…

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Balancing Cost, Accessibility and Retention Needs in a Scanning Solution

Document scanning is an effective method for reducing storage space, facilitating more expedient work processes, and enhancing the flow of information within your organisation. Yet, as with any business solution, it’s important to determine if the financial outlay is justified by the outcome. Since document scanning supports your business’ overall records management strategy, you’ll want to consider how to maximise its value to your company. Cost factors A document that…

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