5 Things Your Employees Should Know About Information Security

Your employees are either the strongest or weakest link in your company’s information security efforts. But it’s your responsibility to give them the knowledge they need to make the right decisions. Here we’ve put together a list of helpful information security tips you can share with your staff. 1. If you can remember your password, it’s probably not strong enough Weak passwords offer an easy gateway for hackers to gain…

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6 Reasons to Consider Vault Storage for Your Media

Your media inventory may be your most valuable business asset. The data on your tapes, hard drives, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks is used to support your clients and ensure business continuity. A media vault protects your media from a variety of threats and preserves your digital information long term. Here we offer six reasons to consider vault storage for your media. Data security Secure storage is critical to keeping your…

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Have you heard about our ISO Awards?

Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) is proud to announce that we have not only maintained our ISO 9001 : 2000 award over the last six years, but we have also recently been awarded ISO certification in two more areas! Each certification is awarded as part of an independent, external audit process; ADDS customers can have peace of mind knowing that we have proven that we comply with world-class information security…

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5 Benefits of Going Paperless

As a business owner, you’re probably always searching for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency within your organisation. You don’t have to look any further than the pile of documents on your desk to find a good starting place. The process of locating, filing, storing, and sharing paper documents drains your time and resources. Here we outline five benefits your business can reap by going paperless. 1. Less clutter…

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3 Strategies for Safeguarding Your Data

You rely on your data daily, and without it, your business won’t function properly. Any type of data loss, whether minor or major, can have legal and financial consequences for your organisation. That’s why you need to have a data protection plan in place. Here are three strategies you can use to safeguard your business data so it’s always there when you need it. 1. Vault your data tapes Backups…

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