ADDS are ‘Walking the Thames’ for the London Legal Support Trust

Our team at ADDS are proud to be ‘Walking the Thames’ on 3rd October 2015 for the London Legal Support Trust. This half marathon, which starts in the heart of the Big Smoke and ends in Putney, will certainly be a challenge but we cannot wait! Not only does it give us an excuse to get fit, eat healthily and explore the wonderful sights in London on foot, but most…

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6 Common Records Management Myths Dispelled

When looking for a more efficient way to manage your documents, it’s important to be aware of some widely held misconceptions that can negatively impact your business. Here we dispel six common records management myths. Myth 1: It’s wise to hold onto my records indefinitely A records retention policy helps your business defend itself against legal claims, and for this reason, you may be tempted keep your documents indefinitely. But…

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The Legal and Practical Reasons to Create a Data Protection Policy

Does your company have a data protection policy? A data protection policy reduces privacy breach risks and ensures your organisation is securely storing, accessing and distributing the personal data it collects. Here we offer several reasons to consider starting a data protection policy and key areas it should address. Your legal responsibility The Data Protection Act of 1998 provides individuals with the right to know what information is held about…

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