The Dos and Don’ts of Document Imaging

Document imaging is a no-brainer once you realise how going paperless reduces your overhead costs and speeds up access to your information. But before forging full-steam ahead with a document scanning project, it’s wise to strategise. Use the dos and don’ts we provide here to guide your next document imaging project. Don’t purchase expensive scanning equipment  Scanning your files with a desktop scanner is as slow as molasses. But even…

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Where Not to Store Your Business Records and Why

You have a variety of options for storing your business records, and each one comes with its own set of risks and costs. As a business person, you should avoid the following storage methods for the important reasons we outline here. Basements or Attics Businesses use basements and attics to store all types of items, including excess furniture and office supplies. Unfortunately, they also use these spaces to store flammable…

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The 5 Ways Data Loss Impacts Your Business

Data loss knows no boundaries; it happens to all types of businesses and can strike at any time, resulting in a domino effect of disastrous consequences. Here are the five major ways data loss impacts your business. 1. Productivity disruption Productivity is the first thing to suffer when your organisation loses its data, whether it’s from an unplanned network outage, hardware or software failure, or malicious cyber attack. Lost files…

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