What Business Continuity Means in 2016

Every business needs a robust plan to ensure continued operations during a disaster. But even the best business continuity plan can suffer from the simple passage of time. Here’s a look at what business continuity means in 2016 and how you can make sure your organisation is protected. Securing Documents and Data Offsite In 2016, business continuity means uninterrupted access to your information, no matter how dire the circumstances. This…

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Avoid These 6 Common Information Disposal Mistakes

Mistakes happen, but when they involve your sensitive business information, the repercussions can be devastating for your business: identity theft business fraud legal liability non-compliance fines Unfortunately, information disposal mistakes plague many organisations. Here we’ve listed the six most common mistakes to avoid: 1. Ignoring document retention schedules Don’t make the mistake of holding onto your documents longer than necessary. Under the Data Protection Act, you’re legally required to destroy…

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