4 Easy Ways to Optimise Your Office Space

Remember the scene in Star Wars where the walls start closing in on Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and friends, leaving them with nowhere to go? A cramped and disorganised office can feel exactly the same way—claustrophobic and utterly hopeless. But don’t despair! Here are four easy ways to optimise your office space: 1. Prioritise Retention Management An optimised office begins with retention management. Making sure your documents are properly classified,…

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Document Management Strategies for Law Firms

These days, all businesses struggle to keep up with an influx of information—but none more so than law firms. While paper documents have always been integral in the legal community, the diversification of services that firms offer combined with e-discovery makes document management even more challenging. Here are several document strategies to help you make sure your firm stays secure, productive and profitable. Take Inventory of What You Have Good…

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