Tips for Storing and Managing Your Media Assets

Regular backup of your digital information is only half of a data protection strategy; the other half is keeping your backup media organised and secure. Here are several important tips for storing and managing your media assets. Invest in Data Tape Rotation The biggest threats to your backup media are theft, mismanagement and disaster. A data tape rotation service minimises these risks by offering professional offsite storage and management of…

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The Most Effective Ways to Protect Your Clients from Identity Theft

How much do you value your clients? Reviewing the steps you take to protect their privacy is a good test. Failing to safeguard their confidential information just once can lead to identity theft, erasing all of your hard-earned trust in the blink of an eye. Se we’d like to share the most effective ways to protect your clients from identity theft: Practise Good Retention Management Habits Keeping tabs on your…

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