Document Scanning Myths Debunked

Could misinformation be holding you back from taking advantage of a document scanning solution? Here we debunk several common document scanning myths. Myth #1: Document Scanning Is Easy Without the right resources and technology, document scanning is complex and frustrating. There are several steps that must be followed to ensure documents are successfully converted to digital files, including: document preparation file indexing image enhancement If you want to make your…

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4 Tips for Managing Your Law Firm’s Files More Efficiently

Running a successful legal practice isn’t possible without efficient file management. Improperly-labeled documents or misplaced correspondence and pleadings can lead to case delays and stifle your litigation processes. Here are four helpful tips for managing your law firm’s files more efficiently. Tip 1: File Purges & Shredding It’s not uncommon for lawyers and solicitors to keep duplicate copies of paper files. But collecting multiple copies of documents contributes to clutter…

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Media Destruction Best Practices

The last thing any business wants is for its sensitive data to be compromised. A privacy breach could cost your organisation dearly, both financially and in terms of image. That’s why it’s important not to overlook proper disposal practices for your outdated hard drives, backup tapes and digital devices. To fully protect your data, follow these media destruction best practices. Shredding Deleting or overwriting your media doesn’t protect your data.…

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