A Better Way to Manage Your Legal Records…and Save Money

Records management costs can run high in a law office. Solicitors sift through enormous amounts of files on a daily basis, and there’s no getting around the need to keep information organised and accessible. Fortunately, there are several solutions for managing your legal records that will save you money. Here are the ones to start with: Create a Retention Policy Every law firm has a duty to retain records, and…

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4 Ways Your Business Could Lose Data

Data loss happens unexpectedly, often causing a domino effect of financial and legal consequences for your company. Prevention begins by knowing where the risks to your business information lie, and how to eliminate them. Here are four ways your business could lose data: 1. Cyber Attack Cyber attacks are a daily occurrence, affecting thousands of businesses daily. They come in many forms, including phishing, botnets, web applications, malware, ransomware, and…

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Minimising Insider Threats to Your Information

Securing the perimeter of your business is important, but protecting your information from insider threats requires just as much care and vigilance. Unlike a random thief, a dishonest or disgruntled employee has the luxury of time and accessibility to gain access to your sensitive documents and data. Here we offer several ways for minimising insider threats to your information. Upgrade Passwords Weak or “guessable” passwords offer dishonest employees an easy…

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