Crucial Questions to Ask Your Off-Site Record Storage Provider

Realising on-site record storage isn’t secure, efficient, or economical is one thing, but finding the right off-site storage solution is another matter. Before you store your documents off-site, be sure to ask your provider the crucial questions we share below. What security measures are in place to protect my information? The quality of off-site storage facilities varies immensely, which is why this question is especially important. Look for a provider…

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4 Crucial Parts of a Secure Information Disposal Plan

What would happen if confidential documents were stolen from your business waste receptacles? Could your business recover from the financial and legal damage a privacy breach would cause? To avoid such a predicament, here are four crucial parts of a secure information disposal plan: 1. A schedule The longer files and data are kept unnecessarily, the greater your chances of identity theft and business fraud. Besides forming the basis of…

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