4 Tips for Preventing Identity Theft and Business Fraud

Over the past several years, identity theft and business fraud in the UK has risen at an alarming rate. Many experts agree that businesses and individuals are more likely to have their information stolen than not. To boost your identity theft and business fraud prevention strategy, follow these four tips: 1. Back Up Your Data Hacking and malware attacks are on the rise and can make personal and financial data…

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Quality Control and OCR Play Key Roles in Professional Document Scanning

Having your documents professionally scanned can seem like a magical process. In no time at all, your business records are converted to digital images. But behind the mystique, methodical processes are at work. Two of the most important of these are quality control and optical character recognition (OCR). Here we share how they each play a key role in professional document scanning. Quality Control Quality control is the glue that…

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5 Good Reasons to Have a Paperless Office

From time to time, everyone needs a little motivation. If you’re on the fence about going paperless, we’re here to help. Here are five good reasons to have a paperless office: 1. Better Information Tracking Keeping tabs on paper records is challenging. If someone retrieves a file and forgets to return it, important business information can be lost for days or weeks. Digital files are much easier to track. When…

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