Top 5 Tips for Archiving Your Paper Documents

An efficient and profitable business depends on how well you manage your documents, and one aspect of effective document management is archiving. If you are disorganised about how you handle your record archival process, it can lead to slowdowns in daily operations, legal issues and unhappy customers. Here are the top tips for archiving your paper documents. 1. Purge Unnecessary Files First Archiving your paper documents is faster and easier…

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5 Document Shredding Myths Debunked

There’s good news and bad news related to document security. First, the bad news: information security breaches are on the rise throughout the UK. The good news is there’s an easy solution—document shredding. Regular document shredding is proven to decrease privacy breach incidents. Unfortunately though, many organisations are misinformed about document shredding best practices, which leaves them more vulnerable to breaches. Here, we debunk five common document shredding myths. Myth…

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