The Key Drivers of an Effective Data Protection Plan

These days, data protection is a widely-discussed topic. But ask business owners what drives an effective data protection plan and you may not get a specific answer. There are several key drivers of an effective data protection plan; here we offer a close look at them. Risk Management Like your products, supplies, and equipment, your information is also a key asset. Ask yourself how long your business could survive without…

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How to Go Paperless in 2017

Every new year brings a new opportunity to get organised. Over the course of 12 months, documents can pile up, hindering your productivity and profitability. Now is the perfect time to head off paper clutter problems before they take over your organisation. Follow these tips to learn how you can go paperless in 2017. Review Your Document Inventory Going paperless means understanding your workflow requirements. Assess which documents are shared…

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6 Benefits of One-Time Shredding

Those old documents piled in the corner of your office or tucked away in boxes may seem harmless enough, but holding onto them can damage your business. As your stockpile of outdated information grows, so does your storage cost, non-compliance exposure and risk of privacy breach. Fortunately, a one-time shredding service can help. Here are six benefits of one-time shredding. 1. Convenience Nothing is more inconvenient than having to destroy…

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