Proactive Approaches to Information Security

No matter the format, whether hardcopy or digital, information is your most important business asset. That’s why it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when protecting it. Information security involves having an effective set of strategies for protecting your information. Here we share proactive approaches your can take to secure your business information.  Data Tape Vaulting Criminals know businesses rely heavily on their data. As a result, ransomware attacks…

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Investing in Electronic Files
for Your Law Firm

Traditionally, lawyers and solicitors have been less likely than other professionals to convert paper files to digital files. But things are rapidly changing, especially now that digital files are just as admissible as hard copy documents in legal proceedings. Along with this fact, electronic file adoption can drastically reduce information storage, retrieval and management costs for firms. Here are things to consider when investing in electronic files for your law…

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