3 Records Management Nightmares You Can Avoid

Is not having a handle on your files and data keeping you up at night? If these three records management nightmares sound familiar, we’re also sharing ways you can keep them at bay and rest easy.  Nightmare 1: Wait! Where’s My Data? Imagine sitting down at your computer and finding all your important files have disappeared. Even worse, your colleagues confirm their data has also vanished into the ether! You…

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The Top 3 Benefits of Offsite File Shredding

Offsite shredding is a type of document destruction service that offers managed collection and disposal of your unwanted paper files. Your shredding provider arrives at your facility on either a scheduled or as-needed basis, picks up your files, and transports them to a shredding plant for professional destruction. Here we share the top three benefits of offsite shredding that business owners and managers everywhere can appreciate:  Benefit 1: Offsite File…

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