Fun and Interactive Ways to Raise Awareness about the GDPR within your Organisation

Education, education, education. Yes, educating staff about the GDPR and raising awareness is the all-important step that will unite your organisation and team members in the GDPR fight for survival! The key is to get everyone on board, from the company directors all the way through to your suppliers or any party with a valued interest in your organisation. However, trying to roll out rather hard core legislation can be…

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5 Signs You Need to Go Paperless

Perhaps you’ve considered going paperless for months, but procrastination has led to inaction. Or maybe you’re just ignoring important indicators that point to the inefficiency of your paper-based system. Here are five signs it may be time to go paperless: 1. Your File Cabinets Aren’t Opening Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to open a filing cabinet drawer because it’s overstuffed with documents. Overflowing file cabinets are a…

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3 Things to Know about Digital Device Disposal

Data security involves more than protecting your network from hackers. It also means having a disposal plan for your unwanted and expired IT assets. Here are three things to know about digital device disposal: 1. Data on Digital Devices Should Be Permanently Removed Deletion, overwriting or degaussing of unwanted digital devices should never be used as a final disposition method. With the right technology, thieves can still recover data from…

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