4 Popular Document Storage Myths, Debunked

If you’re confused about how to best store and manage your documents, you’re not alone. There is a plethora of document storage myths. In this blog post, we share the most popular myths and help you discover the truth about document storage. Myth 1: Off-Site Document Storage Hinders Productivity When digging through boxes and filing cabinets to find your documents, you may not realise what a drain it is on…

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The True Costs of In-House Shredding

Although in-house file shredding may seem cheap, simple and risk-free, nothing is further from the truth. Once you consider the time, expense and risk of in-house shredding, the picture becomes clearer. In this blog, we help you understand the hard and soft costs of shredding your documents in-house. In-House File Shredding Is Expensive As soon as you buy an office shredder, its value depreciates. And that’s not the only downside.…

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