Common Document Destruction Mistakes to Avoid

In the fight against identity theft and business fraud, you can’t afford to let your guard down, even for a second. One error can lead to huge legal and financial consequences. Here are several common document destruction mistakes to avoid: Mistake 1: Throwing documents in the trash or recycling Every day, within organisations large and small, confidential documents are carelessly discarded in waste and recycling bins. If you’re serious about…

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What Every Employee Should Know about Data Protection

As an employee, you’re essential to your company’s success. What are you doing to make sure sensitive information stays secure at work? Here’s what you should know about data protection. Vigilance Never Stops Threats are persistent and varied, which means you must keep your guard up. Criminals sift through rubbish bins, break into cars, and send phishing emails to exploit data protection vulnerabilities. When responding to emails, talking on the…

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