5 Document Management Mistakes to Avoid

Failing to manage your documents efficiently and securely can cost your organisation time, money, and legal problems. Is your document management plan up to par? Here are five common document management mistakes to avoid. Mistake 1: Not Following a Retention Schedule This may sound like a no-brainer, but many organisations don’t know what documents to keep, how long to store them, and when they should be destroyed. A retention schedule…

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5 Document Scanning Myths, Debunked

In the Information Age, it’s wise to know the facts. Even a smidgen of misinformation can cause your business to miss out on big benefits. Here are several common myths about document scanning to watch out for: Myth 1: Document Scanning is Easy Scanning a few documents with a desktop scanner is straightforward and easy, but converting several boxes of records with a desktop scanner may take several days or…

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