Essential Guidelines for Digitising Your Documents

Every document scanning project needs a road map to ensure its success. Here are several guidelines to follow when digitising your documents: Planning Without a plan, a project scope can expand endlessly or fizzle out before the goal is reached. Know your workflow objectives, file activity levels, and retention requirements before you start scanning. Your most active images will need to be easily accessible. Archival images should be stored in…

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5 Major Reasons Document Storage Still Matters

In an age where digital information rules, it’s easy to dismiss hard copy documents, even though they play a critical role in your business. Key documents help your organisation document compliance, ensure due diligence, and support ongoing business operations. In this blog, we review four major reasons to have a document storage strategy. Reason 1: Office Space is Expensive Renting an office in Greater London isn’t cheap. You need to…

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Questions to Ask a Media Storage and Rotation Vendor

It’s not easy handing over your sensitive data to just anyone. You must be 100% sure your information is stored, managed and protected with utmost care and security. When choosing a media storage and rotation vendor, ask the following questions: Q: How will my data tapes be stored? A: Magnetic data tapes are susceptible to damage from even the slightest environmental conditions. That’s why they should be stored in a…

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