What Are Backup Assets and Why Should You Protect Them?

Your critical systems, applications, and data are some of your organisation’s most important assets. The result of losing them can range from loss of productivity to serious legal ramifications. In this blog, we offer tips for protecting your backup assets. Backup Assets Defined Backup assets may include several types of data storage devices, including: Zip drives Writable CDs and DVDs SSD drives Data tapes Your backup media depends upon the…

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The Top Ten Reasons to Scan Your Documents

Is the hassle of managing your paper records stifling your business? Does it take too much time to find the documents you need? Are you running out of office space? Here are the top ten reasons to scan your documents: 1. Your Customers Deserve the Best Happy, satisfied customers are the blueprint for a successful business. Document scanning ensures your customers get the information they need fast. Digital invoices, contracts,…

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