The Benefits and Process of Scanning Large Documents

Storing and managing standard-size documents is hard enough. But what if your company has architectural drawings, engineering prints, maps, or construction plans? In this blog, we discuss the benefits and process of scanning large documents. Storage The biggest challenge of large documents is deciding where and how to store them. For many organisations, this means resorting to stacking oversize drawings in piles, shoving them in tubes, or investing in expensive…

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10 Steps for Data Breach Prevention in the Workplace

UK businesses face unprecedented levels of data security threats. How are you protecting your corporate data? Here are ten steps for reducing your data breach exposure: 1. Know Where Information Is Stored You can’t protect your data without knowing where it’s stored. Locate your document and data storage repositories. If the process is too time consuming and challenging, engage a records management provider. A team of dedicated indexing specialists will…

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How to Create an Office Environment Centred Around Wellbeing

We are well into 2019, the #YearOfWellness – a year with a wonderful movement centred around the quality of life for team members within the workplace. An environment centred around the wellbeing of your team makes people feel happy and nurtured– they will want to spend more time at work, leading to increased productivity, dedication and happiness. For some big tech firms, snooze pods, fun slides and a choice of…

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