Do you have a Verifiable Audit Trail for your Documents?

You pride yourself on your organisational skills.  Each month, or perhaps even at the end of each week, you diligently file away your important business documents.  You may even have a meticulously labelled filing cabinet system to help keep you organised.  Great – you’re a step ahead of most of your industry colleagues and competitors! Unfortunately, storage is only one piece – albeit an important piece – of records management. …

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3 Benefits of Storing Deeds Offsite in a Secure Record Centre

The Land Registration Act and Land Registration Rules require the archival retention of title deeds.  While the Land Registry’s online database makes deeds available in an electronic format, original paper deed documents still have important legal, personal, commercial and historical value.  In this blog, we explain the benefits of securing and preserving deeds in an optimal off-site environment. Protection for Title Deed Documents The combination of a secure storage facility…

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