3 Benefits of Storing Deeds Offsite in a Secure Record Centre

The Land Registration Act and Land Registration Rules require the archival retention of title deeds.  While the Land Registry’s online database makes deeds available in an electronic format, original paper deed documents still have important legal, personal, commercial and historical value.  In this blog, we explain the benefits of securing and preserving deeds in an optimal off-site environment.

Protection for Title Deed Documents

The combination of a secure storage facility and an inventory tracking database affords the highest protection for your title deeds.  A storage vault provides a secure off-site repository for all property-related documents and files and is equipped with the following features:

  • 24/7 security monitoring systems
  • regulated, controlled access
  • fire and flood resistant construction
  • early warning fire and smoke detection systems
  • environmental monitoring for long-term preservation
  • fully vetted, screened and trained professionals
  • data protection policies and procedures

Comprehensive Inventory Tracking

Once your documents are transferred to an off-site vault, all title deeds are barcoded and tracked in order to ensure complete tracking throughout the retention life cycle.  The tracking database allows you to account for the entirety of your off-site inventory and is equipped with the following features:

  • enhanced search capabilities:  date, department, retention period, etc.
  • retrieval management
  • customised reports
  • web-based file requests

Your off-site inventory is available to you 365 days a year via a secure online portal, allowing you to make document requests at any time from any location.  If you need a file to be delivered quickly, you can take advantage of a ‘scan on demand’ service. The document you require is scanned and uploaded to the secure online portal, where you can view, edit, download and share it.

Lower Overhead Costs

Paper file management cost and capability is linked to how and where your business records are stored. As office space lease rates continue to rise, your business may be forced to rethink storing files in-house. The cost of storing files in a secure record centre is likely to be significantly less than what you pay for office space or a self-storage unit. A record centre is optimised for cubic storage capacity with files stored on high-density racking systems that enable files to be stored at a lower rate per cubic meter.

So, consider investing in offsite storage for your Deeds to protect and preserve them, track and access them quickly, whilst saving money for your business.

Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) provides secure record storage for businesses throughout London, Bristol, Bath, and Swindon. For more information, or to arrange a consultation, just email

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