5 Ways to Protect Your Small Business from a Data Breach

Small businesses are just as vulnerable to data breaches as big corporations. But for many small business owners, investing in breach prevention measures is an afterthought. In this blog, we offer five cost-effective strategies to protect your small business from a data breach.

1. Lock Down Sensitive Documents

Every small business should protect its hard copy records. Record centre storage protects confidential documents from internal and external threats by offering:

  • 24-hour internal staffing
  • entry access controls
  • monitored security systems
  • fire detection and suppression technology
  • secure loading and unloading areas

Your records are managed and tracked by background-screened records management professionals who use advanced barcode technology.

2. Practice Routine File Shredding

Negligent document disposal habits increase your organisation’s data breach exposure. As soon as paper files reach final disposition, they should be destroyed.

A secure destruction service ensures expired files are routinely shredded. Locked collection containers are placed next to printers, photocopiers, and in other high-traffic office areas, making it easy for your employees to discard expired documents. Discarded documents are professionally collected and shredded on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

3. Invest in a Secure Media Storage Solution

It’s not just your online data that’s at risk. Data tapes and portable storage devices with sensitive data are also vulnerable to unauthorised access. Protect your offline data assets by investing in a secure media storage solution.

A media vault protects your backup media from theft, fires, floods and natural disasters. Find a data vault that offers following features:

  • heat- and fire-resistant paneling
  • temperature and humidity regulation systems
  • security monitoring and entry control systems

Daily, weekly, or monthly, your data protection provider transports your media tapes to the media vault for secure offsite storage. Advanced data tracking technology records and tracks your media using your existing tape bar codes and reference codes.

4. Destroy Old IT Devices

Data doesn’t disappear from outdated laptops, mobile phones, hard drives, etc., even when you reformat them. Physical destruction is the only way to make sure data stored on IT devices is unreadable and unusable. Partner with a media destruction provider to dispose of unwanted IT devices in a prompt, secure, and environmentally-friendly manner.

5. Educate Your Employees

Your employees are the first line of defense against data breaches, so offer them the tools they need to protect your organisation. Start with an awareness campaign that highlights the range of potential threats. Identify best practices for storing, accessing, and destroying sensitive information. Schedule ongoing training sessions to address evolving risks and strategies for minimising them.

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Natasha Rawley The File Queen: Expert in Record & Information Management, LPM Columnist.

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