6 Benefits of One-Time Shredding

Those old documents piled in the corner of your office or tucked away in boxes may seem harmless enough, but holding onto them can damage your business. As your stockpile of outdated information grows, so does your storage cost, non-compliance exposure and risk of privacy breach. Fortunately, a one-time shredding service can help. Here are six benefits of one-time shredding.

1. Convenience

Nothing is more inconvenient than having to destroy a pile of old paperwork. A one-time shredding service eliminates the time and hassle of destroying outdated records. Secure destruction sacks or containers are brought to your office free of charge. You fill them up with your confidential waste and your destruction partner destroys the contents.

2. Security

In addition to the convenience and ease it offers, a one-time shredding service reduces privacy breach and identity theft risks. Unlike with in-house shredding, shredded documents never land in a dumpster. Your filled destruction sacks or containers are removed from your office and the contents are destroyed within an unbroken chain of custody.

3. Ease

With a one-time shredding service you don’t have to remove staples or paperclips from your documents. Your stapled and bound files can also be dropped into a secure destruction sack or container. Industrial-grade shredders can handle the metal clips and staples that come along with documents.

4. Compliance

Many companies keep old and expired documents without understanding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The law states, “Personal data processed for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or purposes.” A one-time shredding service helps your organisation comply with GDPR provisions and avoid potential criminal prosecution or monetary penalties.

5. Time and Labour Savings

If you’re currently shredding your documents in-house, you’re paying your staff to destroy information, and probably at far too high a rate. A one-time shredding service lets your employees optimise their time and focus on essential business tasks that maximise company profitability.

6. Productivity

Research shows that clutter has a negative impact on productivity. A one-time shredding service frees up your office space for a more productive workflow. Areas used to store boxes and stacks of outdated and expired documents can now be used to generate revenue for your business!

Whether you are destroying just a few boxes of files or a warehouse packed with them, one-time shredding offers a combination of benefits for your business.

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The File Queen: Expert in Record & Information Management, LPM Columnist.

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