Archive Storage of Records

Are You Looking To Store Your Archive Records?

Storing your archival business records on your own premises in London demands space that you don’t have or more importantly, that you cannot afford. Not only are you adding expense, you are creating a significant security risk to your business, as unauthorised employees are the most likely ones to access company or personnel records.

Storing them in self storage facilities also exposes you to significant risk, without even considering the additional costs and even more likely, the hassle factors of accessing records from the dark, cold units.

Your best and most secure option is the storage of your archive records with an offsite, managed document storage provider. It is within this context that you have ultimate control, you have comprehensive audit trails on every action or activity related to your files.

If you would like to tell us your situation, we can begin to help you understand the very best way to support your archive records storage requirements.

ADDS provides offsite, archive records storage and management services to clients throughout West London, Swindon, Bristol and Bath.

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