Boosting Your Data Protection Strategy in 2019

2018 was a banner year for data breaches in the UK. Big corporations, including British Airways and Cambridge Analytica, were hacked and thousands of small businesses fell victim to malware and viruses. Data security experts predict 2019 will be even worse. Do you have a data protection plan in place? In this blog, we offer our tips for boosting your data protection strategy in 2019.

Backup Critical Data

Data backup seems like a no-brainer, but too many companies don’t stick to a backup routine. Back up your application and system files daily, weekly, and monthly. Appoint specific tapes for each backup so you’re not relying on one device for your data. Clearly label your tapes with bar codes and invest in a data backup and rotation service so your data is protected during its retention lifespan.

Use Encryption Software

Cybercriminals target businesses with weak security protocols. You can protect your data from hackers by encrypting your data. Encryption software scrambles your emails and files, so only authorised end users with the encryption key can unlock and read them. Several software providers offer high-security encryption software.

Remedy Low-Tech Risks

Data protection involves assessing the complete range of risks to your information, including negligent document storage and disposal practices. Store your retention files in a record centre where they will be professionally managed and protected. Make sure it features:

  • 24-hour internal staffing
  • entry access controls
  • monitored security systems
  • fire detection and suppression technology
  • secure loading and unloading areas

Your records are managed by background-screened records management professionals, and access to your documents is restricted to authorised individuals in your organisation.

Use a secure destruction service to establish a shredding routine for expired documents. Locked collection containers are placed next to printers, photocopiers, and in other high-traffic office areas, making it easy for your employees to promptly discard expired documents and media. Your information is professionally collected and shredded on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

Invest in Employee Training

Data protection is a collective effort, and your employees are the first line of defense against data security threats. Your employees should understand how critical their role is in keeping your business data secure. Schedule ongoing training sessions to educate your staff about evolving risks and data breach prevention strategies.

We encourage you to use these tips to protect your information in 2019.

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Natasha Rawley The File Queen: Expert in Record & Information Management, LPM Columnist.

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