Moving Office? Top Records Management Tips Revealed

Are you planning an office relocation in 2018? Throughout the moving process, businesses risk leaving behind or mislaying sensitive data, which can result in privacy breaches and devastating fines. In this blog, we outline the steps businesses should take to protect their paper documents and IT/media throughout the moving process. Carry Out An Information Audit An information audit should be carried out to identify what data your business currently stores…

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4 Steps to Avoid the Damage Caused by a Lost or Stolen Laptop

Employees will inevitably need to carry their laptops on public transport at some point, particularly employees who must travel frequently and need to be continually communicating with their offices. Indeed, laptops are a commuter’s best friend – they have the same capacity and software as many desktops, so employees can take their workplace with them wherever they go. So, if you can practically run a whole business from a laptop,…

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4 Document Shredding Facts You Need to Know

Document shredding is more than turning whole pieces of paper into strips of confetti. When done correctly, it can improve your bottom line and reduce privacy breach risks. However, if the shredding process isn’t done in a secure or careful manner, it can cause a world of trouble for your organisation. Here are four document shredding facts you need to know. 1. Office Paper Shredders Offer Nominal Privacy Protection The…

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The Key Drivers of an Effective Data Protection Plan

These days, data protection is a widely-discussed topic. But ask business owners what drives an effective data protection plan and you may not get a specific answer. There are several key drivers of an effective data protection plan; here we offer a close look at them. Risk Management Like your products, supplies, and equipment, your information is also a key asset. Ask yourself how long your business could survive without…

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Signs Your Business Needs a Paperless Solution

Is your organisation still relying on paper-based systems? If so, you may be inadvertently preventing your business from maximising its profitability. A paperless system may seem hard to implement, but with the right support, you can improve your office processes in ways you hadn’t even imagined. Use these signs as guideposts to see if it’s time for your company to adopt a paperless solution. Your office has become a paper…

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