Comparing Media Vaulting to Cloud Storage

A single data loss incident can have a devastating effect on your business. That’s why it’s important to have a secure and reliable backup solution. If you’re wondering whether to back up to the cloud or to store your data tapes in an offsite media vault, don’t worry. In this blog post, we help you decide which option offers the best data protection solution.


Look online and you’ll see more than a handful of cloud storage services. But if you’ve been paying close attention, you know that more and more online applications are being hacked. In recent years, prominent cloud service providers such as Amazon and Dropbox fell victim to security breaches.

If you’re willing to take the risk of having your data stolen, a massive, public cloud storage solution might be right for you. But if want a more secure way to protect your data, invest in a media vaulting service.

The clean and controlled environment inside a purpose-built media vault is designed for the offsite storage of backup tapes, hard drives, and other portable media. Your backup tapes are barcoded and stored on specialised racks in an upright position to prevent cartridge warping. Temperature and humidity levels are maintained at levels designed to maximise media lifespan.

When your media vaulting partner delivers the next backup media in your rotation sequence, they also pick up the last one and immediately transport it to their secure data vault for storage. This managed data rotation service ensures continuous data protection for your organisation.


Cloud storage services are online only. That means if your internet connection goes offline, you can’t access your data. That isn’t the case when you save your data to a tape and store it in a media vault. When you need to restore data, your tapes are retrieved and delivered to you. You have anywhere, anytime access to your data.


Data protection should be affordable for your business. With a cloud storage solution, when your backup data grows, so do your costs. Plus, you may get locked into a service agreement that makes it hard to transfer your data to another provider with better customer service.

Media vaulting is much more cost-effective. You can store petabytes of data in a media vault for a fraction of the price of storing in the cloud.

Compared to cloud storage, media vaulting is more secure, reliable and affordable.

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