Document Retention Policy

Do you know the “how long” and “when” of your business documents?

While staying on top of an overwhelming amount of data can seem impossible at times, adhering to the retention schedules that apply to your business records is crucial for reducing risk to your business. Making sure that documents are catalogued with respect to retention requirements, protected throughout designated retention periods, and disposed of in a timely manner reduces legal liability and enables compliance with the Data Protection Act. As a result, your records management policy should define the lifecycle of documents and ensure proper final disposition of expired files.

As your records and information management experts, Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) provides a reliable, professional solution for managing your document retention inventory. We offer a comprehensive process that analyses your records inventory, classifies your files, and monitors each document retention schedule, thus allowing you to reduce in-house storage and administrative costs, minimise non-compliance and legal risks, and zero in on your core competencies.

A records retention solution tailored to your business and industry

Many organisations have multiple departments, each with unique document retention needs. Document retention schedules can also be industry-specific, which is why it’s important to have a records management partner who understands the nuances of your business sector and each department’s specific needs. Through our File Queen Consultation, we help you organise your records, create a database, index your files, make sure they are preserved and protected throughout the retention lifecycle, and securely destroy your documents when they expire.

Similarly, our Records Storage solution enables each individual file to be barcoded, assigned a document retention schedule, and tracked within our inventory management database. On an annual basis, we provide you with a report that enables a complete analysis of your document retention inventory.

If you have any doubt about how long you’re supposed to keep your business information, a call to your company solicitor is a good place to start. The next step is implementing a solution that allows for proper management of your document retention schedules. ADDS can help. Since 1987, we’ve provided comprehensive document retention management solutions for businesses throughout London, Bristol, Bath and Swindon that include:

  • law firms and solicitors
  • private doctors and hospitals
  • mortgage and loan providers
  • charities and nonprofits

No matter which type of business you run, we’ll thoroughly assess your business and compliance needs and provide you with a solution tailored specifically to your organisation.

For more information about how ADDS can help you with document retention schedules, please contact us by phone or complete the form on the page.

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