Document Scanning for Law Firms and Solicitors

Are you storing case files in bulky filing cabinets? Is it taking too long to respond to your clients’ requests? Is managing your paper documents in a fast-paced digital world slowing your firm down?

If your case management costs are skyrocketing, ADDS can help. With our high-tech document scanning solutions and experienced staff, we can help you today. Simply contact us by phone or complete the form on this page, and we’ll respond immediately.

Your Document Scanning and Hosting Solution

ADDS offers a solution that saves you time and money. Our document scanning and image hosting services turn your paper documents into fully-searchable electronic files so you always have prompt access to client and administrative records. We offer:

  • day-forward scanning
  • backfile conversion
  • large-format scanning

ADDS is your trusted resource for any legal document scanning and conversion needs. Let us customise a document scanning solution for you today!

Document Scanning That Meets Your Needs and Budget

ADDS makes it easy to go paperless. We start by assessing the scope of your project to make sure it aligns with your budget and desired time frame. Then our professional document scanning technicians handle every phase of your imaging and conversion project, including:

  • document preparation
  • image capture and enhancement
  • optical character recognition (OCR)
  • file conversion
  • bates numbering
  • post-scanning document destruction

We use high-speed scanners and state-of-the-art software to convert your paper records to bi-tonal, grayscale or color images in the file format of your choice. Our strict quality control procedures ensure your documents are scanned error-free and according to your exact specifications. Your electronic documents can be exported to your document management or enterprise content management (ECM) system or transferred to your data storage media.

Document Scanning with On Demand Flexibility

ADDS offers a flexible and affordable solution for storing and scanning your infrequently accessed records. Our Scan on Demand service combines off-site file storage and document scanning. When you need a file, we retrieve the record from its records centre location, scan and convert it to digital format, and send the electronic file directly to your desktop. Scan on Demand helps your firm:

  • eliminate in-house storage expenses
  • streamline case management and litigation processes
  • reduce bulk document scanning costs
  • protect and preserve client files

Accessing Your Scanned Documents

We make it easy to view, access and share your scanned legal files without having to buy expensive software. ADDS’ electronic image hosting solution offers secure electronic storage of your scanned documents in our data centre. You can view, manage and share your documents with a click of your mouse. Enhanced search capabilities with built-in encryption let you quickly pinpoint your information for enhanced workflow capabilities.

ADDS is proud to serve the legal communities of London and Swindon. For more information about our document scanning services for law firms and solicitors, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page. We’re here for you!

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