Document Services for Law Firms and Solicitors

ADDS offers professional document services to law firms and solicitors in London. We act as a litigation partner for law firms and solicitors, and can provide the following solutions, tailored to your firm’s needs:

  • Secure Destruction
  • Document Scanning
  • Records Storage
  • Data Protection

Since 1987, our records and data solutions have helped clients throughout London reduce overhead costs, streamline file management and increase information privacy.

Secure paper shredding for law firms

ADDS helps your firm comply with the Data Protection Act by making sure confidential documents are securely and promptly destroyed. Our locked collection containers make it quick and easy to purge unwanted files and sensitive paperwork.

We place these secure collection containers in your office free of charge and collect them when filled. Your documents are destroyed weekly, fortnightly or monthly, offering consistent privacy protection for your firm.

Paper shredding and document scanning

We also offer document scanning and image hosting services to streamline your document review process.

Our services also support electronic discovery. We convert your files to digital images that can be easily integrated with your litigation support software. Our professional imaging technicians handle the entire document scanning process, which includes:

  • document preparation
  • indexing, coding and data entry
  • bates stamping
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Access to our electronic image hosting application is included. You can easily access, edit, share and distribute your digital files with no additional purchase of software.

Paper shredding and records storage

ADDS’ record storage services ease the costs and burdens of managing an in-house file room. We organise and barcode your files so your information can be properly protected and managed off-site. Our comprehensive records management process includes:

You can easily search for and retrieve your documents with our professionally-organised online inventory. ADDS’ online document retrieval system lets you view and order files anytime. Using our retrieval and delivery services, we can hand deliver your requested records or send them digitally with our Scan on Demand solution.

Paper shredding and data protection

In addition to all the document services above, we also offer disaster recovery capabilities to law firms and solicitors. Our data tape storage and rotation services protect your digital information from theft, fires, floods and natural disasters. ADDS’ fire-resistant, climate-controlled media vault features the following systems to safeguard and prolong the life of your media assets:

  • temperature and humidity controls
  • fire protection
  • backup power
  • controlled entry
  • central alarm monitoring

We customise a data tape rotation schedule according to your firm’s backup strategy so you don’t have to worry about it. Your information is protected off-site and is always available to support your data recovery needs.

Our friendly staff is ready to help at a moment’s notice. For more information about our document services for law firms and solicitors in London, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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