Document Storage Services in Bristol

Do you require off-site, secure document storage services for your Bristol organisation?

As your Bristol-based company grows, you may want to think about where you can store the bulging shelves and filing cabinets of paperwork. The never-ending growth of these records is due to the legal requirements to keep your paperwork and archival documents to support future audit or assessment of your business history. As a secure provider of document storage in Bristol, ADDS provides large warehouse facilities to safely store all your archival records. ADDS has a wide range of clients including solicitors, medical practices, as well as financial and accounting related businesses. It’s not just these few industries and services that have to find a location to store the physical documents though, as ADDS serves a wide array of clients with storage problems. Imagine you run a small medical practice in the heart of Bristol. You don’t need to be told that office lease rates are high and space is at a premium. At times, there is barely enough room to store the certificates of the medical practitioners on the wall, let alone all the medical records of the patients and other related documentation. Storage of archival medical records is required by law. But after a client no longer visits the practice, those files just waste space in the office. For organizations in the Bristol area, ADDS will assist companies with their inactive, archival documents and business records. Our warehouse has abundant, secure space. We employ leading-edge software systems to manage the storage of the archival documents of hundreds of different companies and organisations across Bristol and surrounding areas. Storing records in the ADDS managed warehouse provides you a wealth of extra space in your operating premises, particularly if you are located in central Bristol. Our document management support services can also help to enhance your productivity and reduce your costs. We assist you with improved efficiency and security. Our software and systems provide you with a comprehensive audit trail for all activity in a single file folder. More than that, we provide a quick response to any request to deliver an individual file or multiple boxes of records to your location in Bristol. If you want to learn more about our services, please fill in the form on the right or call us directly at 0800 328 0272. We’d love to help.

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