Enterprise Content Management in London

An Enterprise Content Management Solution for your London business

Reducing your reliance on a paper-based business operation can make a world of difference. In addition to streamlining workflow processes and enhancing the customer experience for your clients, it can also significantly lessen overhead costs for your organisation. Yet image capture and conversion is only as effective as the systems setup to store and manage your electronic information.

ADDS provides your London business with an Enterprise Content Management solution that supports your information storage, management and retrieval needs. We offer a unique approach that assesses how your business information is currently used and pinpoints any bottlenecks in your workflow processes to develop an Enterprise Content Management system and policy for your company.

The freedom of an electronic document based operation

Paper-based information systems are costly and inefficient. And finding secure space to store documents is a challenge in and of itself. Allocating enough administrative resources for proper access and distribution of paper records adds to the complexity. Electronic images, on the other hand, allow for faster processing of information with fewer resources. ADDS’ Enterprise Content Management solution enables your paper files to be scanned to easily managed electronic formats. Our document scanning service includes:

  • document preparation and indexing
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • bate stamping
  • document coding
  • back file conversion
  • conversion to TIFF and PDF

It allows you to reduce your paper-based operating costs, improve customer service and automate your record retention scheduling.

Digital document storage and more

We also provide you with a secure image hosting solution to support your Enterprise Content Management needs. When hosted electronically, digital documents offer enhanced workflow possibilities. Business files can be accessed at any time from any location, and documents can be viewed and shared instantly. Our image hosting solution offers the following benefits:

  • file level encryption
  • secure file transfer protocol
  • advanced search capabilities
  • elimination of additional hardware and software investments

As your Enterprise Content Management partner, we provide you with ongoing support that ensures success for your business. After developing and implementing a process and policy for streamlining your organisation’s information management capabilities, we test the system regularly to identify any changes to workflow. This allows us to tailor a living, breathing Electronic Document Record Management System (EDRMS) specifically to your company. And as with our other services, we’ll also provide your team with the training it needs to make the most of our solution.

Archive Document Data Storage provides Enterprise Content Management solutions to businesses throughout London. To find out more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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