File Cataloguing & Indexing

These days, every organisation is faced with the challenge of managing an increasing amount of data with fewer resources. As a result, documents can easily end up stockpiled in any available space without rhyme or reason. However, while the safekeeping of your records during the retention lifecycle is crucial, without a proper index or catalogue, locating the right file at the right time can become a never-ending exercise in futility. Cohesive access to your files is all about having a structure in place that supports your workflow and enables information to be found at a moment’s notice.

Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) offers a file indexing solution & document cataloguing services for your business records that allows for documents to be properly managed and easily located. Our File Queen Consultation assesses your workflow needs, organises your documents, and develops a file plan structure, for the implementation of a full records management system for your entire retention inventory. It provides each department within your organisation with a customised answer for properly managing its physical files.

Dread your file room no more

If you are currently maintaining an on-site file room that is failing you, ADDS will come to the rescue. We can box and reference each individual file and transport them offsite to our Record Centre where they will be catalogued and barcoded. Our file indexing services allow for your files to be catalogued just the way you want them, according to:

  • retention period
  • department
  • client
  • cost centre

We then present you with a superbly organised online inventory that offers your team expanded search capabilities that allow for information to be found quickly and efficiently.

Managing your record inventory doesn’t have to be a headache

Have you started a file indexing project but run out of time and/or space? Let us take over by packing up the files on your premises, placing them in boxes and transporting them to our facility where we can quickly catalogue your information according to your specific requirements. Once your record inventory has been indexed and catalogued, you can search for individual files via our secure, online system. Instead of the time-consuming process of rifling through filing cabinets, each authorised user in your organisation has a unique username and password that enables customised searches and record retrieval requests through our web portal. We can even set individual security levels giving you greater control over your record inventory.

To find out more about our document cataloguing services and file indexing services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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