Film & Video Storage

At ADDS, we can provide you with a variety of video, film and tape storage options. Businesses needing this type of storage include television production companies, film studios, advertising agencies and record companies.

Protect the value of your creative work

You’ve poured your heart and soul into capturing your artistic vision on film. Now it’s time to protect its legacy. Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) offers professional offsite storage and archiving services that provide your priceless film and video with the protection they deserve.

Preservation of film, video, tapes & audio media

ADDS’ fire-resistant vault is designed for the optimal protection and long-term preservation of film, video and audio media archives. It offers a clean, climate-controlled environment equipped with the following systems to safeguard and prolong the life of your media assets:

  • temperature and humidity controls
  • fire protection
  • backup power
  • controlled entry
  • central alarm monitoring

ADDS’ team of film and video preservation professionals offer specialised expertise to take the utmost care of your media while it’s stored with us.

Media tracking and retrieval

You’ve worked hard to catalogue and classify your tapes and films exactly to your specifications. There’s no need to change your system, as ADDS’ efficient data tracking technology allows us to record and track your media using its existing tape barcodes and reference codes. No confusing cross-referencing is required. Our media management database captures all data in your media archive and allows for customisable index fields.

Offsite media retrieval and delivery

Offsite Film, Video, Tape & Audio Media StorageWe operate around the clock to provide you with anytime access to your film and video. Secure access to our online ordering system lets you request tapes remotely from your office or production site and provides you with enhanced media management capabilities, including:

  • customised searches
  • inventory history reports
  • delivery progress verification

And you never have to arrange additional couriers within the UK to receive your media assets. ADDS delivers directly to you, your production house, broadcasting company or to a third party. Our secure chain of custody and efficient staff ensure that your film or video arrives in perfect condition exactly when you need it.

Offsite film storage customised to your industry

ADDS offers offsite media storage and archiving services to the following industries:

  • film and television production
  • music recording
  • photography and visual arts
  • advertising
  • media and entertainment

We also work with organisations large and small across a wide range of business sectors needing a secure, professional solution for preserving film, video and audio assets of historical value.
Contact us today by phone or complete the form on this page to learn more about how we tailor our film and video storage services to your business needs.

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