How to Create an Office Environment Centred Around Wellbeing

We are well into 2019, the #YearOfWellness – a year with a wonderful movement centred around the quality of life for team members within the workplace. An environment centred around the wellbeing of your team makes people feel happy and nurtured– they will want to spend more time at work, leading to increased productivity, dedication and happiness.

For some big tech firms, snooze pods, fun slides and a choice of 100 breakfast cereals is the norm, but this a mere dream to those of us outside that sector. Though many are stuck with the building they are in, with small budgets assigned to environmental changes, there are actually some small changes that can be made within the office to encourage ‘working environment wellbeing’.

Improve the quality of air

When it comes to quality of air, many of us work in large cities or near main roads which can have poor air quality. This impacts individual health and can also cause SBS (Sick Building Syndrome). You cannot pick up your office and move it, but there are solutions, such as filtered air conditioning systems and purifying fans.

Stay hydrated

It is important for employees to have easy access to clean drinking water, so consider installing water filter taps or water coolers. Just make sure that people don’t have to go up four floors to fill their bottle. Good hydration equals productivity!

Invest in a weekly fruit crate for the team

Longer working days, high periods of inactivity and busy lives lead to poor diets. We have all skipped lunch or inhaled a horrible sandwich to keep us going when deadlines loom. Why not splash out a bit of money each week on a fruit crate for the team? All those powerful vitamins will fight germs! Ask the managing partner for a monthly nourishment budget so that you can have a weekly stock of healthy food and snacks in the office.

Gather company-wide feedback

Being able to share opinions on processes at work, voice any concerns and make recommendations for change can result in a happier workforce. Consider sending out a feedback form to your team, then review it and implement any process changes that are urgent.  It is important that employees feel listened to.

Go paperlight

It can be stressful and time-consuming searching through boxes to track down a file. Consider using a ‘scan on demand’ service so that hardcopy files don’t have to be recalled from the archive. Files are turned into electronic documents which can easily viewed, edited and shared, saving time and reducing stress. Clear office, clear mind!

Get moving as a team

Encourage the integration of physical activity into everyday life by providing opportunities for an active lifestyle and discouraging sedentary behaviours. A great idea for a free activity is starting an optional weekly lunchtime walking/running club – not only will it help to improve everyone’s physical and mental health, but it’s a great opportunity for some team bonding.

Remember, a happy team is a productive team!

To arrange a free consultation to discuss ADDS’ ‘scan on demand’ service, just email and the File Queen will be happy to help.

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